Instantaneously discover your own house via GPS satellites

Investment Tracking happens to be in the centre of Nexis, and it’s obvious as soon as you diving into our GPS monitoring Map display. Packed from any net allowed browser Nexis produces a complete a review of your entire fleet, with essential journey records playback received by GPS satellites. Strong company facts at the click of a button!

  • Exact GPS locations for all of your possessions
  • Alive ignition on and off information
  • Essential quest playback
  • aˆ?Follow this vehicleaˆ? feature
  • Important performance and course playback functions

Telematics Stating

GPS data is best a small section of Nexis, with this suite of bespoke and tailormade telematic research it’s never been better to look at essential data and statistics from another location for just about any resource.

Engine Practices Information

Nexis clearly illustrates a possessions practices and shows this information to the user, deteriorating application predicated on individual assets or the entire collection! By hour, time, period or even season! Maintaining your in control of investment maintenance plus unauthorized use.

Servicing Manager

Staying with manufacturer accepted maintenance is really important for companies, that’s why the Nexis servicing supervisor will watch usage (both miles journeyed + time made use of) to obviously and properly display vital usage of your fleet. Not only will Nexis accumulate this data for you personally, nonetheless it will notify you whenever a valuable asset was approaching companies ideal provider schedules and are followed also.

Ignition & Motor Monitoring

Advantage practices and reporting tend to be crucial for a business, this is exactly why Nexis not merely files and alerts customers according to ignition on or off task but in addition in the event that property system is on or off. It is especially important for exorbitant idle reporting or a visual indication, as well as if a valuable asset is used or sat with only the ignition on!

Energy Container Monitoring

We keep in mind that not all fleets were business cars, and just have included fuel container spying therefore the monitoring of isolated fluid tanks into Nexis. This could be regularly earnestly monitor fuel quantities of any material based your organization criteria.

Utilisation Stating

In the event that you run a fleet of team automobiles or an enormous get business house utilisation is extremely important, and Nexis enjoys a strong utilisation motor to emphasize fleet utilisation considering a regular (or customisable) operating month. Not only will it showcase a general utilisation % it may break down the utilisation of particular possessions or house types.

Immobilisation & Geo-zone

Nexis have inbuilt immobilisation services to remotely disable any asset whenever necessary for the user, this is often complete from the touch of a key or via an automated timetable. Eg, you’ll be able to decide to immobilise any investment when necessary or produce a schedule to immobilise a secured asset at 6pm each day and un immobilise each morning at 7am.

Are you aware? AMI subscribers rely on this to make sure no enterprise property are employed outside of authorized working days, both for security and a reduction in gas!

Nexis has also generated is not hard generate geo-zones and forbidden stores, by hitting the chart. It is possible to develop within Nexis any desired form or sized geo-zone that the consumer are able to designate to a secured asset.

This could be an employee’s residence address or a website location, and Nexis will alert you of every movement in or out find a sugar baby in Pittsburg KS of the geo-zone.

Did you realize? Geo-zones could be created to only be energetic at ready hours (eg 8am aˆ“ 6pm) or active 24/7. Equivalent reason may be placed on a certain day or date assortment.

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