First off, I favor me personally some interior decorating mags

Newsflash: Adams Morgan Continues To Be Grody

Saturday, I became roped into a call toward Icky remove for a buddy’s birthday. He wants Adams Morgan, whilst provides the better eavesdropping inside urban area (a personal fave of ours, «I didn’t need to make with this man, but there is nothing else to complete!»). The guy wanted to take in, he desired to grooving, the guy desired me to flake out into a ball of discomfort and weep. Happy for him, we gained all three missions. Delighted birthday celebration, guy.

The people had been mainly ‘burban meatheads, circling and gaming their own prey. The women had been all meticulously dolled right up, sporting their particular finest low-cut clothing, and rounding-out their Big evening ensembles making use of loveliest equipment of all…cheap plastic flip-flops.

Area rant: Exactly Why flip-flops? In addition to using actually an ounce of pleasure within appearance, why would anyone desire any section of her facial skin within close selection any exterior of Adams Morgan? And just why are you willing to wear something which exposes you to major injuries whenever that inebriated girl in stilettos lurches your path? Sneakers, everyone. That is what separates united states from the animals.

104 statements:

Second, I Dislike Adams Morgan. Third, I hate sandals. They aren’t attractive, nor will they be even from another location manner forth. And um. yeah, that is all.

Adams Morgan on a Saturday-night or being Waterboarded while Kenny G records play on a countless circle. leap golf ball.

horsepower — for me personally, the worst thing about flip-flops may be the means individuals walk when sporting all of them — toes curled under, shuffle shuffle. Bleah.

As keen on Howard the Duck, I do believe your debt your, different fowl stars, as well as their followers an apology for comparing your to Adams Morgan.

Okay, perhaps not Howard the Duck. Adams Morgan will be the Phantom Menace of bar views. It really is Jar Jar’s swamp as opposed to the Mos Eisley Cantina.

We ranted about a specific types of flip flop trojan that DC seemingly features caught in a blog post last week, b/c while I love my personal typical sandals, I really don’t use them to:

ibid — container Jar tried to get me personally a Jager chance on Saturday. He had been Howard the Duck’s wingman. Adams Morgan actually is a Dream Team of suckitude.

Carrie — we best don flip-flops to your beach, and I also rarely go right to the seashore (we prevent direct sunlight). It absolutely was simply very strange these particular female decided to go to all those things effort to flat-iron their hair, use attire, etc, next topped it well with these types of sloppy-looking sneakers.

I have pretty flip-flops — associated with the Coach brand wide variety and REI brand (perhaps not BMW car dealership recommended) but I loath Adams Morgan — We loath chilling out in DC everywhere in all honesty. I prefer my Pentagon Southern anyday of few days — much better vision candy and. lol at Hazmat fit opinion

Zip — well, since Adams Morgan is in fact all residential district anyhow, I don’t know exactly why you’d improve extra travels.

We realized it out — i am merely tickled on idea of hoarding ducks. Which I virtually keyed in as a dirty phrase that rhymes with ‘ducks’. And in case best which can be hoarded!

Kennedy began hoarding «ducks» in the 60’s during the time of complimentary «poultry». Now it’s difficult (no pun supposed) sufficient to become «down». We need to tap (should you decide’ll excuse the pun) our nationwide Strategic «Duckie» Reserve. To paraphrase Moses, «Try to let my personal zipper go!»

I got your own text and snarfed element of my personal beer up my nose in your respect, entirely up in Taxachusetts. As an homage, I was, at the time, waiting in the plunge bar I familiar with frequent on sensitive chronilogical age of 18. I’m not claiming I ever before danced from the club to Def Leppard’s «Pour Some Sugar on me personally,» but I’m additionally maybe not stating I didn’t.

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