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i’m a servant. i was you to today, providing an equivalent Holder for almost two years. It has been a couple months since i have last published here to your Word press, but in all this go out you will find existed given that a good the brand new owned possessions of my Mistress. i have zero usage of currency, i obey all the command no matter what i believe about it, we wear zero outfits, we consume off of the floors and i examine, using my lead always lower and you may my eyes downcast. i inquire consent to have everything, also to make use of the fresh new washroom, as well as when organization is introduce.

i state this to prove a few tips. Basic living since the an excellent twenty-four/7 slave can be done and you will 2nd, it doesn’t constantly look like it does towards the fetish internet. Just like the an author and operator, there are many different times when the brand new vanilla extract community intrudes. i want to search for goods using my Mistress, i must go to see readers, and i must mow the brand new grass. All these anything, and more, i need to would throughout the guise of a vanilla extract 100 % free-person.

Possibly Domme and i must explore coded terms and conditions to talk. Both This lady control out of me personally appears to disappear completely. In reality, there are many different times when She would rather brush the ground otherwise tidy the bathroom Herself; She wants to feel active, and you can She wants to carry out acts, as the vanilla extract me personally create examine these what things to be menial. However, i am possessed, and i own nothing. When i travelling to your city, and you can out of Mistress’s sight, i have to report within the by text every 15 minutes. When i come back to our house i want to strip on entry way and spider. Once i was working from home, and you will Domme comes into the bedroom immediately following more than ten minutes lack i have to instantaneously change from my personal sofa and you can hug the woman base. Whenever She would like to keep in touch with myself i want to adopt the latest pose from your pet dog, four on the floor. i’m fed this way also. we repeat my slave’s oath each and every morning, and i also strings me personally to help you Mistress’s bed a night.


It is sometimes up to me to start these products, which is an idea i had issue with at first. i experienced usually thought that a servant would be to just occur in order to getting required,and you can instead of command the brand new slave didn’t exists. But which servant have discovered that it must be conditioned, like the canine it is, to do something in a specific way in place of always are told. Therefore getting a servant ways to indeed start certain measures out of servitude while also replying to orders on the more traditional fashion. Often it takes a while to spot you to definitely your freewill possess already been truly started replaced because of the trained effect.

This does not animal meat to state that i exist versus abuse. i on a regular basis recieve 2 or more bland stokes from the wood spoon for each and every error that we to visit, yet this may me personally as much as us to offer brand new scoop so you can Domme on abuse. From the some days i’ve been locked out for one hour otherwise a few in order to think of my missteps, or just are placed out-of Mistress’s hair to have an excellent while. The fresh cage, envisioned, are a comparatively the fresh storage device getting slave, located far out of earshot inside the a tool missing within back of the turf.

As we developed to your next wedding because Proprietor and you can slave, i am happier whenever i maybe, life a life of servitude and you can humiliation. I will consider regarding no ideal counterpoint to my fairly profitable and you will independent elite existence, than to exist yourself as good voiceless fingers of another.

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