However, last night, a family doctor mentioned that she is fit and you will did not state she was expecting, very she experienced unusual

The small housemaid brought out the newest pasta, the latest housemaid introduced a few long seats and you can stools, the fresh new nursing assistant fed Zhuo’er, Yan Yan tasted a few hits, “Juicy, check out Zhengde Hallway and see if the customers have left, then publish this new pasta set for the lady for eating

Five days later, Miss Zhou try sent to your home of Queen from Qi when you look at the a beneficial palanquin, merely she was a great lowly concubine, maybe not a part consort.

With this evening, once a very good time, Yan Jiu gasped gently, “It has been more a month, as to the reasons in the morning We nonetheless maybe not expecting?” Into the speed of which she are expecting with Zhuo’er, she should have become expecting.

“You don’t conceive since I did not try hard adequate.” Fu Zhixing rolling over and you will pinned this lady down once again, “Let us remain looking to.”

“I am aware, too difficult to get pregnant, you could potentially state a few days.” Yan Zhu pushed the person down with force.

“Xiaoxia ……” Fu Zhixing consumed beef to eat gladly, unwilling so you can vegetate. First thing you need to do is to get a beneficial good clear idea of what you ought to create.

“No arguments, bed.” Yan Huy interrupted your, removed towards quilt, finalized his attention, “alot more terms, you are going to go to bed regarding analysis.”

On the mid-day of 29th day of this new 29th few days, Yan Huynh invested the day on cooking area, trying knead brand new money to make a bowl of hand-folded durability pasta having Fu Zhixing.

She checked out they, “It is inactive. Woman, excite put in a few more liquid, cannot set up excessive.”

Yanzhu don’t challenge in order to pour continuously liquid, but added liquid little by little, lastly done the brand new money just after an hour. As money is molten, Yan Huynh watched while the she generated the latest beef sauce.

“Young lady, the fresh diced meats was juicy if it is fried.” She put the newest animal meat to the cooking pot and you may read the latest voice of “stinging”, right after which she took the wood spatula and you may stir-deep-fried it rapidly, stirring out of the oil.

If blend-fry was nearly done, she stream on the sweet noodle sauce and you can proceeded in order to blend-fry, combo this new sauce towards the diced meats, “Woman, please violation me brand new defeated eggs mix.”

Yan Huynh given this lady the tiny dish, and she stream the fresh new egg blend into the pot, then put a small full bowl of wine in it and you can leftover stir-frying, scent of one’s sauce produced Yan Huynh gulp, “I will possess give-folded noodles this evening, don’t rice.”

By the time brand new sauce was in a position, the fresh new noodles was in a position. She trained Yan Huzu ideas on how to roll new spaghetti, “Young lady, do you need wider otherwise slim noodles?”

She utilized a rolling-pin in order to roll the latest dough on the a narrow layer, cut it for the thin strips with a knife, and put they to the warm water to help you cook

Just as she fished new spaghetti away, she read Zhuo’er exterior yelling, “Mom, mom.” Zhuo’er got right up away from his sleep and you will try clamoring for their mom, thus Nana had no selection however, to create your more than.

Zhuo’er stretched out their fat possession and you may begged for a hug, Yan Huzu carried your over, and then he rubbed their mom’s face and told you when you look at the an excellent milky voice: “Mom, Zhuo’er would like to.”

The brand new invitees just who showed up now is the 3rd partner who desired to take and pass for her child in order to Han when Fu Zhixing gone away.

The third Mistress has become a jealous girl, this time around she really wants to give this lady niece in order to Fu Zhixing since a great concubine; Han sneered, “Did you forget about that we have always been a greatest envious girl into the the administrative centre? I won’t allow it to be my hubby for taking good concubine, basically, I will not allow it to be my personal child to take a good concubine.”

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