Whenever she is stuck from the Fame, Buffy is actually overcome that have guilt and you may decrease catatonic

Whenever she was found of the Magnificence, Buffy grabbed the latest Scooby Gang and you will kept Sunnydale in the a hopeless just be sure to protect her cousin. She struggled increasingly up against the Knights of Byzantium who wished to kill Dawn, killing 10 of these and you may threatening so you can destroy some other despite the girl ethical password. She are outraged within the way they seen the woman given that something and you may made an effort to be there to possess Dawn when she pondered in the event that she try an excellent destroyer of one’s universe. [61]  In her own mind, Buffy admitted so you’re able to Willow that even in the event she adored the girl sibling, she got that second away from fatigue and well-known Start passing away shortly after losing in order to Fame instead of carried on protecting the woman up against anyone very powerful. She reported that she got spotted it as recovery which when you are she’d grieve, it’d getting completed. Buffy perform think about that it having extreme guilt, deducing that some part of the girl got purposefully assist Beginning score caught. Willow, not, debated you to definitely she had been way too hard into the by herself and therefore it had been simply guilt, little far more. [130]  Whenever she realized that Beginning was the one to start new portal to Glory’s aspect and exactly how to quit who be so you’re able to eliminate her, Buffy declined, insisting you to definitely she’d eliminate anybody who attempts to eliminate Dawn and this she’ll perhaps not lose Dawn’s lives.  When Start tried to lose by herself so you’re able to close the new site, Buffy avoided the woman, telling the woman you to definitely she’s going to always like their and for this lady to life, effortlessly compromising her lifetime in the place of her sister’s. [62]

Buffy including revealed Beginning as more than simply a cousin to help you their, one to its matchmaking try real and you will she felt because if she’s a part of the lady

When Buffy is actually resurrected, Start is ecstatic, but, over the years, started to proper care one to she is purposefully disregarding rather than are to the girl (given that Buffy are that have Increase). Buffy eventually told her one to wasn’t the actual situation, and therefore she wanted to come across her cousin mature and understand the industry, and ultimately began knowledge this lady in patrols. Within the latest fight with the first, Buffy ordered Xander when deciding to take her off the struggle, much in order to Dawn’s chagrin, and you will remaining her a letter claiming: «what i create is for you.» [75] Even after Buffy’s high fascination with this lady aunt, Buffy afterwards admitted when she must sacrifice Start so you’re able to save the world, she’d this time, because the girl responsibility while the Slayer are significantly more very important than simply the girl personal attitude. [73] Start and Buffy expanded faraway since the Beginning turned into an enormous, concerned that Buffy is thus swept up along with chemistry her the «Slayer siblings» that she completely forgot on the girl, also watching Willow because a far greater cousin than just Buffy on day. [125] But not that it eventually ran aside because of Beginning and you will Buffy getting back together, [180] and you will following end from miracle, Start and you can Xander had assist Buffy are now living in their apartment having her briefly until she chose to get out. [48]

Whenever Beginning started to disappear, Buffy became wanting to rescue the girl aunt, timely journeying toward Greater Better to replace miracle throughout the community and permit their life

[181] Once they ultimately already been life style with her once again, its relationships became closer than ever, making its early in the day disputes and distrusts, valuing and you will safeguarding each other’s behavior, and saying the woman love much more openly. Buffy revealed she didn’t cope with a day instead Beginning whenever their mother died, as well as once she is actually thus pleased just like the a couple of sisters had been together once again and you may aided each other compliment of difficult moments. [182] Despite its reunion through its father, Beginning thought to Buffy this lady lingering visibility inside her lifestyle within the the woman very decisive go out, in comparison to Hank, produced her really the only true friends she had remaining, when you’re Buffy usually commented her desire to allow Dawn to call home a better and you can every day life. [172] [183] Even though, uring to help you an enthusiastic ambush because of the devil lords, Beginning volunteered by herself to use her Trick energies and become remaining trailing, arguing Buffy always forfeited by herself on her behalf and she always need as you to definitely courageous, which try the woman chance. Even with Spike’s protests, Buffy consented together sisters, outlining she was a grown-up and that try decision, and you can she is proud of the girl regarding. [184] Buffy including indicated pleasure away from this lady sister’s academic victory. [93]

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