Clamantha’s biggest role was in «Two Clams crazy»

Clamantha try a clam and students at Freshwater tall. The woman is obsessed with Oscar, and is also company with Bea, Shellsea, Finberley, Esmargot and Koi.


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Clamantha will be the mind supporter with the Freshwater significant Cheerleading Squad. Shea€?s most upbeat about every thing. Per her Fishbook visibility, she spends most of this lady time memorizing the cheerleading choreography. She loves spending time with her pals and chasing Oscar, the girl crush. This lady has a shrine centered on Oscar in her own locker («Bea remains into the image»).

This woman is observed several times trying to imagine as some other person, generally trying to trick someone, and constantly will get caught eventually («Doris Flores Gorgeous», «Dances with Wolf Fish», «seafood Floaters»).

Shea€?s very child-like as found by fact that her doorway is covered in unicorns and rainbows, while this lady place is full of dolls, including a huge the one that accocunts for her bed. She actually is also very aggressive at times, such as whenever Webster ended conversing with her, she thought he disliked the woman and smashed their cardiovascular system, triggering the woman to-break your by putting your out from the container. Clamantha additionally is often unintelligent, as found in lots of symptoms, and will can also become clueless. The woman vocals seems very unique.

Private Lifetime

Clamantha didn’t come with idea that Milo and Oscar were dressed as ladies when she got invited to Bea’s sleepover party, which proves she will be some clueless sometimes. She proposed decorating this lady fingernails, despite the reality she doesn’t have any, and hydrated everyone’s fin («seafood Sleepover celebration»).

Shea€?s proved to be solitary and made an effort to hug Oscar at lunch («Doris Flores Attractive»). Clamantha preferred the thought of Bea getting a grown-up («Bea gets an Adult Fish»).Clamantha arrived through whenever Bea recommended activities when it comes to phony college party. It’s shown that Clamantha possess her own group labeled as «Clamantha together with gleaming things». Certainly one of the woman music is mostly about Oscar («Queen Bea»).

She ended up being the princess in Oscar’s «dream» and ended dating Catholic up being grabbed by dragon fish («The story of Sir Oscar Fish»).

When Principal Stickler described dropsy as an illness like poultry pox, but for fish, Clamantha didn’t know very well what a poultry is. She in addition gave Albert 10,000 seafood cash since he previously the dropsy. («Dropsy!»).

Whenever Oscar ended up being doing a machine in Dr. Frog’s woodshop class, Clamantha snuck abreast of your and ruined his job. Clamantha informed him he simply desired to say hi to their favored «boyfriend.» Oscar, whoa€?s fed up with Clamantha’s fanatical crush on him, shared with her they are not two, but Clamantha had been prepared smooch your, so he went away. Clamantha made an effort to kiss Oscar again by sneaking into their household, but when the guy shoved his computer in her own face, Clamantha caught picture of it and fell so in love with they. Oscar, convinced it actually was his possiblity to abstain from Clamantha, shared with her their cam was also known as «Webster the Clam,» so the guy may have her be in appreciate with him rather than Oscar. When Clamantha starred angle the package with Webster in her place, Webster’s battery started to die, making Clamantha thought he was disregarding the lady. Oscar decided to go to this lady house when Clamantha also known as your, and found the woman within her bed, sobbing. Oscar decided to brighten her upwards, proclaiming that Webster is a significant jerk, that she’s a sweet female, and she has a heart of silver.

Whenever Bud ended up being cleaning the container Freshwater extreme was in, Mr. Baldwin and also the children was required to evacuate. Baldwin tossed Clamantha into the class following experience to evaluate in the event that shore got obvious («Diary of a Lost Fish»). This and several different occurrences demonstrated that people do not generally like Clamantha much.

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